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Nice photo, Laz. The collection for children's charities is underway. The first deadline is June 15th and the second deadline is the 5th of July. All is two weeks earlier than normal due to unforeseen events. When Carol Wills died, we lost one of our excellent editors. Now we have new editor and once they learn the ropes we will be back to regular schedule.

The theme is Back to School. The story should be tops, 1500... Show more

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(1) Crazy
(2) I'd marry you.
(3) I'd date you.
(4) Sarcastic.
(5) I miss you.
(6) I'd kiss you.
(7) Beautiful.
(8) Smart.
(9) Imaginative.
(10) Random.
(11) Jerk.
(12) Funny.
(13) awesome.
(14) amazing.
(15) tough.
(16) cute.
(17 I'd hit you with a bus.
(18)I love you.
(19) Weirdo.
(20) Friends forever.
(21) Marry me?
(22) Your mine!
(23) I never want to lose you

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8,9, and 17 LOL (I choose 17 for everyone don't worry :P )

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Sabrina Jade Howard

Thanks for adding 'Dark' to your favorites! It means a lot. I haven't written that one for a while now . . . Oh well! I'll get back to it someday.


Yreat story with great characters. Feels good to be able to create your own wold with people in it. This is one of the things which sets us apart from other creatures....imagination.



Sabrina Jade Howard

That is the greatest redeeming quality of mankind. Thank you :)

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hi Laz - Just to say hello. A long time, too much. Looks as if you continue to make great book covers and tell good stories. Will be talking with in future about project -need covers and banner etc. Hope all is well with you. Janice storyteller4


Your stories are always it's a pleasure to make covers for them.


laz on one trying to do a quickie - yah sure. I need a boy and girl sitting in a porch swing. but they can't be touching. It is time travel with the women having a hard time believing she is seeing her 40's crush. both young. What might you have. Or, porch swing , you know the... Show more

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I must say your new profile pic captures the imagination and wonder of youth. I hope all the aspirations and dreams that young man had came true for him.

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Most did...and a long way to go. I've got lots of time yet.

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A personal note: The discussion Bobby brought up has brought some anti-religious people out of the woodwork. I know you are a man of faith and although we may differ on some minor issues, I am also a man of faith.

Those who would undermine that faith seek to find any sounding board to do so, and that saddens me, because it limits real discussion of our faith with other believers.

In that respect I offer my apologies if I got... Show more


There,s no need to opologize for defending what we believe to be the long as we don't put down those who think differently.


That is one of the reasons I want to leave the discussion where it is. I Believe that God loves all of his children, even the ones who do not believe.

Even the ones who do not love Him, Even the ones who hate Him.

There was a time in my life when I was one of those. God never gave... Show more

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Thanks for the link Eva had a beautiful voice. I will enjoy listening to her music, it was perfect the first thing in the morning.

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