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Hi! Thanks for accepting my friend request : )

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Marius Knück

Hallo, wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn Sie uns auf unserer Seite besuchen würden. Marion und Marius

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BR Raksun

"Nothing ever begins.
There is no first moment; no single word or place from which this or any story springs.
The threads can always be traced back to some earlier tale, and the tales that preceded that; though as the narrator's voice recedes the connections will seem to grow more tenuous, for each age will want the tale told as if it were of its own making."

I love this Clive Barker's quote. Love to remember him and you , my friend.

BR Raksun

I always dream about my friends in you and you in me.. nice if this dream is true.


I like most of crazy Barkers stories. Was not aware that this was his quote too.
What I'm really implying is that Something or Everything has a beginning. The sole exception is God.

BR Raksun

I love your honest words and I admit that coincidence occurs in thinking and writing. Nothing Ever Begins... a lovely statement and as you said, everything has beginning. We are not exception. I thank and thank you again for making your statement profoundly and absolutely so clear.

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BR Raksun

I am right I feel that you are my friend. I don't know reasoning. Feel is above and beyond all that. You write and you right the write or write the right. How people in these days addicted to visual media respond and take to heart the writings we so much care is my lingering doubt, of course some times. You know what we write is always before the eyes of a reader, not the visual one which is for some times while viewing. Comment if you like.

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Hi, you seem like a really nice guy, and I was wondering if you would want to be friends. If not, that is fine:) You should check out my profile and I guess "decide if you like me or not." You just are friends with alot of my friends, and you seem really cool:) Thanks -Ray

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I'd greatly appreciate you joining The Book Club (public), which has none of the pressure the other group I made has. This is essentially what it offers, though it asks nothing of you:
• Weekly writing tips.
• Free critique offered.
• Each week an opportunity to get free in depth critique or promotion for any of your books.
• Contests once there are enough members.

The Book Club (Public.) This groups intended goal is to bring writers together, encourage writing well, provide tips for writing, and potentially hold contests. Please follow us on twitter for updates, announcements, and random valuable information: If you have a question of any kind, at all related to writing, ask it. EX. Different routes for publishing? How to advertise? How do I write...
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Script variation was a computer draftsman. Just the way I write if a bit strange format. Conversion to ebooks is a mission. Few can read it but if in doubt, write. 40 more books in pretty much the same style. Thanks for having a look.

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Deleted User

thanks for accepting my friend request

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