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If you want to know when the series Never Separated is updated, I Will post it on this post or message you or post it on your page, either way. This is just a less ANNOYING WAY to tell others. Sorry bout that because I know some people don't read other people's books anymore which kinda peeves me off but I have to accept that.

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Miriam Nilsson

Me wantzz updatezz toozz!

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Hello Sami, your good friend is here for you, and I want to tell you what you are to me and to your good friends, but first I want to say is that I love you as my good friend and for that, i deeply care about you!

Sami, your heart is beautiful like a blossom. that shines like the sun's rays. You are loving caring person that I know from my heart.

You are amazing person, you are the one who always stood up for her friends and... Show more

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If you need anything, you know where to find me, my sweet best friend :)


I love you as my friend *hugs you and kiss your forehead* :)

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Laser Cutler

Sami-Recognized will become our new Cutler brethren.
She will become Cutler Recognized.
Let us all take part in making her feel supported in her decision to join us as a Cutler.

Come together, Cutler's.

Help our future Cutler in her journey to find her Cutler-self.

http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/1476583/cutler-cat.jpeg http://assets.sbnation.com/assets/1476583/cutler-cat.jpeg
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Eh...idk Ramsies. I dont have the heart

~6Master Cutler, King of the cats6~

Awe D: Poor thing *superrammyhug*


Yeaahhh.. I miss jason

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