The Grim Rain Story By:
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This book attempts to paint a representative picture of the continuing saga of the devastating torrential rains in West Africa. Floods take over homes, farmlands, and turned many residents into displaced persons.

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Heart touching write up dedicated to all all victims of flood disater. Good thinking

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There is no West African or any African for that matter, who would read this book and would not have a word or two to say. We are all talking from experience. Dela is talking (wrting) from experience. There are also other people from other continents who will find this well- written story as familiar as the West Africans do. These people will also identify with the condition of the flood victims in West Africa. Torrential... Show more

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Aftermath of the rain song show case our true lives story in this part of the word. keep it up pls.

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Aftermath of rain song, reminds me of what transpered in my village called Arondizuogu in imo state two years ago where flood disaster distroyed peopies properties,because there houses was build on seawag.This your book will make people to know more about my village,my vote goes to you.

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AfterMath of the Rain song, unfolds the true picture of what our people encounter every raining season most especially in the West African region. The sound of the rain is always terrifying to most of those who were once victim of flood disaster because of the traumas they have passed through in the past. Dela Pls keep on with the good work, the sky is your limit. i wish i could vote more than once.

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My big bro, i appreciate your book so much that i'm short of what to write but this is truly immaculate.

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You've succeeded in several areas Dela. You are first and foremost, a historian with story-telling abilities. You are a 'master of metaphors', and a great Philosopher as well. I enjoyed your story very much. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight through this gripping tale of truth.

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The author of this book is just a representative of the rest of we Africans. He really identifies with the suffering of the African masses especially during the disastrous rainy season. Bravo, Dela Bobobee !!!

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I was in the office with Dela when he was writing this story. I did not know it is such a wonder story.

You have my vote. I wish I could vote more than once.

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