Abby and Owen have been broken up for over two months. But when Abby is attacked during a robbery at her house, Owen puts the past behind him in order to protect her. As they try to solve the crime, they grow closer together once again; or so Owen thinks.

Law, Crime, Mystery, Suspense
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Plz finish it!!!!! Plz!

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That is what every author wants to create to draw in an audience...and you did it! This is going to be a great story once you have finished it. I recommend you add more spacing to make it easier to read. I am thinking this is your first draft as there are some obvious needs.

1. Head Hopping, I know this is a hard lesson, I too had to learn it. You start with Abby, then jump to the emergency operator's view, then to the police... Show more

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Yes, you did well "attempting" to write in 1st pov. It isn't too hard when you get used to it, and you seem used to it already.

You have a very intriguing hook with a high degree of tension "shown" immediately. You know the value of that. I also like your small details, vis a vis the weather; the physical descriptions of the characters. These kinds of things draw me in closer to the storyline.
Good job. Stay in first with this... Show more

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I like it so far :) i think of an idea for a name could b "When the killer comes knocking."
any good????? ryt mre, lemme no wen u update, n i better b 1st 2no XD or il call the police....and tht will not end well......O-o

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You pull the reader in immediately and make your characters instantly likeable. What a great way to start! You've also introduced a wonderful degree of suspense, mixing the tragedy of a crime with personal drama in a a very balanced blend.

Writing in first person is, as you say, a challenge, but you seem to have done pretty well so far (better than I could have done). A few minor typos as I'm sure you figured, but nothing... Show more

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