Reality Heist

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Reality Heist

Brandee Taylor knew computers. She knew how to hack. She knew how to not get caught. She knew her boring, monotonous life would never change.

But things happen, and in a heartbeat Brandee discovers a universe she could never have dreamed of.

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Hi,thanks for making your story 'Reality Heist' available.I do hope that you get around to finishing off the storyline(thats assuming it hasn't got the most abrubt ending ever!),please let me know if you do.

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Heather Fledderus (geordiriker)

i just gotta get through these last couple weeks of exams and then I'm going to finish it in December. Thankyou very much :)

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As you asked, I read the first chapter. I think your friend was much more concerned than they needed to be. More action? Lord, I think you have just enough action there. Think of it as psychological action, not physical. Your protagonist is in emotional turmoil, experiencing events that she was created to prevent and trapped in a place where she cannot. It feels very real and very quickly plunges the reader into the story. I... Show more

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On the 1st Chapter:

I say...1) Where are the dialogues? 2) Long paragraph so maybe you should break them up somehow.

I'll read more.

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Your books are so unique and I love getting sucked into these strange worlds!

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The dreams become the realities...I like the tension in the gradual realization. The twin towers, those poles with the platforms... I'm loving this, what a trip. Please write more.

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