A Monk's Tale : and other short stories

A Monk's Tale : and other short stories

Short stories where the over- arching theme is a punch line, pun or twist in the last paragraph. If my twist etc, is too subtle let me know and I can explain or revise.

love, humor, twists, animals
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I just read the Monk's tale very refreshing! I really enjoyed the narrative, and the words of choice are delightful to read. I'll read the two other stories as soon as I can spare some time!

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I just read the third story! As good as the first ones!
However, I found three tiny mistakes:
p. 27: "Getout!" (missing space)
p. 27: "entriely" = entirely
p. 33: "Ofcourse" (space missing)

I look forward to your next stories!

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Two very interesting stories!

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Thank you bea.boehrs for your kind words of encouragement. :D I have just added a third story to The Monks Tale and also published two other books.
You might be interested in having a look and letting me know what you think. Some grammatical editing is needed in all writing and I... Show more

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