A New Town, a Found Mate.

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A New Town, a Found Mate.

Avery is a mateless werewolf, who just lost her dad. Avery and her family move a few towns over, to stay with her mother's friend Elizabeth. Avery soon finds out that she has to share a room with the alpha's son Aiden , and she is not happy, he isn't either. What happens when they are mates, but he has a girlfriend he loves? Will they get past that and find a way to be together? What happens when she has a past that comes back to haunt her? Will they reject each other? Read to find out.(:

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This is great !!! Please update and let me know when and of you do !

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I thought it was Bill NYE the Science Guy....I have to watch his videos at school...

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Yeah it is I messed up when I was writing it. I'll have to go back and change it later.

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Ok your book is amazing. Please write more. Please I am a fan of your book so I'm begging you. This is a great book. I literally felt like I was in it. Thank you for such a great book.

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