And You Are..?

And You Are..?

It's the 69th century, and Jeremiah, your "normal" middle school guy, has a best friend who has been acting a little off, lately. But the haze clears when he sees his bestie, Xavier, doing something he really should not be going around doing casually. Will Jeremiah be able to simply ask his friend, Xavier, to spill, or will he have to do some investigation of his own to get that darn cat out of the bag?

secret, 69th, century, future, adventure
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Vera R.

i think it's good,but a little sudden don't you think. you have to work up to a big event like how he might've boon acting weird,a nd that maybe he overheard him on his cell phone taliking about some shocking things and ect.also i don't get the title.;)

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lol.. nice description and imagination with the jelly sidewalks.. Deathnote was in there!!

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Thank you! This is my first book and I'm not too experienced so it means a lot to me!

PS: My name is Grace, too. THE IRONY xD

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I can't believe this creation is on bookrix! I am absolutely FASCINATED by your style of writing.
It's lyrical and musical, perhaps fairylike.
You kind of remind me of my friend Grace..
Anyways, I'm new on bookrix!

-Annalee W.

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