Can a moment explain a life?

Can all our thoughts and aspirations be boiled off to one incident... or pared down to a single word?

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brings out melancholy. The passing lane of that half century mark causes a settling into cruise control and the spirit is able to soar even if the vehicle it abides in is earthbound..

Those are my tail lights you see up ahead...p;]

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Deleted User

I know what you mean. I'd love to be able to fly, to just float away and leave everything behind. Of course, I would probably be too scared to utilize it if I had that ability since I have a phobia of heights.

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i like the part with the supernatural power, sometimes i do feel like that, i want to in the future help people who cant help themselves and has noone to hep them. VERY GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I thought maybe you had seen something and then when you said what it was wow..You have a great mind for writing about anything..This was great and you know what I would wish for the same thing as you :)

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Tatyana Black

Let your imagination soar, they say. But it would be nice to be able to fly. Good read.

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