An Ordinary Joe

An Ordinary Joe

An ordinary man, in an all-to-common predicament, with an amazing outcome.

How has this "ordinary Joe" such a mystery?


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What a great story. No wonder it won a competition. Well done.

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Wow, It Is Amazing. Truely An Incredible Book! Congratulations. Its Like I Never Heard Of The Story Till Now. Great Job!

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This had some beautiful moments of despair. You have the ability to make your reader really invested in your characters.

The end was a great surprise but I'm not a romantic so I have a hard time believing that love can concure all. :)

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a very good strt, loved the way u made him sound so confused n really poured out the feelings.i would love 2 read more, so keep me updated

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Shocking ending too. Wasn't expecting that. I must say, I am amazed at the quality in the pages of this book. Great descriptions, great story. Amazing job on this Barry. Extremely well written. Makes me want to read a sequel... Are you writing another? If not, do you have any other short books of yours that you would reccommend?

God Bless.

God speed in your recovery.


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Beautiful. Well done. ALways a brilliant tale now taken from anothers view. Wonderful.

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What a fantastic piece of writing. The story was full of emotion, which came across very powerful. Love it , love it.

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I love this. This gives a subtle modern day twist on the most dedicated man in all history. You gave a detailed account and threw in a great character building analysis of Joseph. The ending was ground breaking which I never expected but you did it well that when read back you could see the ending coming.

Must have been hard for Joseph, but what about Mary? Maybe a Mary perspective story is in the pipeline.......

Well done


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