The Ephemeral Utopia

The Ephemeral Utopia

A single moment of pure peace and satisfaction is worth anything, yet war and destruction takes it all away, and reduces it to ash. A utopia is sublime in thought, and it is so beautiful because it simply cannot exist...

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Very dramatic and emotional writing. You're very good at this. And might I add that the cover to this book is as beautiful as the descriptions found in this piece.

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You've managed to capture a passing moment in that terrible transition from peace to war! Like a pool in all its glory the second before a pebble hits it and sends ripples that shatter the calm. Nothing less than I expected of you. Beautiful, vivid descriptions.

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Unspeakably so! War's horrors cannot be written; but the ideal of it is close. You have, through your colorful writing, captured a bright spark of emotion. Civilians, in all their duties, eventually get caught in the maelstrom. And so, it can be said...

"War becomes for the participants a test of character; it makes bad men worse and good men better." -- J.L. Chamberlain

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Very good! Excellently done! I am amazed are you talent. I'm not sure why, but this reminded me of the bombing at pearl harbor, yet it seemed different. You have astounding writing skills, and portray your emotions very well! The tone of this work was very different from your other, The Art of Thievery, but just as good. I can only applaud you!

Only the fifth paragraph had a typo. You say:

"It was a humble paradise,... Show more

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