Always Somewhere

Love from Afar By:
Always Somewhere

Poems and notes for a dear, close friend that has always been there for me.
*Beginning draft that will be revised*

poems, booklet, friendship, letters
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''Causing butterflies to flutter freely inside of me''...all I can say ...amazing poems..

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omg that was so wonderful !no thats the wrong word.its more like mind blowing and if u don't agree u don't have a heart or never felt love

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I especially liked Breathless. You've got great diversity of topics in this one book, and yet it still feels very cohesive.

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i really like this book if you could put one of my poems in your next book id really like u for that

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...I'm very happy he did.

You seem to excell in every area (we might call that 'style')that means anything to poetry; past or present. You captured me from beginning to end with your esense of 'life'.

I thought I had a few favorite poems here.."love for the Fisherman''/ "The Note"/, "Stillness"...but after reading several of your pieces more than once...I'm pretty sure you are just an absolutely 'wonderful' poet. Everything I... Show more

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Beautiful and breathtaking. I love these peoms, and hope i can read more! You're really a newcomer? Doesn't seem like! :D

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these are really wonderful they touch my heart thank you for writing these poems I hope I can read more of them

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