A Blind Date and a Bloody Mary

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A Blind Date and a Bloody Mary

Marjorie Maryland has a blind date in a bar with a man called Harry, but not everything is as it seems.

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I am a little late on congrat you on winning the 500 contest , your a beautiful lady and a great writer Wendy I am so sorry that I talk to you hateful before . I was having a bad time at that time and was on the offensive . sorry I am late with the congratulations. Stanley McQueen. I wish I could write like you...

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Hi Stanley. No problem. i was rude to you too. Lets call it quits. You're doing really well with your stories, Congratulations and thank you for the compliments, We all need them now and again.
Love Wendy

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Wendy, you got my attention. If I were but 21, and you a tad older; believe me you would always be younger than me. A lesson in there, I assume?

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Great surprise ending, Wendy! Who'd have ever thought it of such a nice lady? It kind of makes me wonder what happened to the guy escorting her from the bar. Clever, twisty ending! It had some nice laughs as well. Maybe the lady in the story perceives herself differently from the reality of who she is. Lol!

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This is a very good story. Seems like think Harry should have thought before he spoke. I voted.

Excellent writing!

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Very creative and well written! You made laugh out loud, and I very much enjoyed reading your work. You have my vote on this one!

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My vote for another weird and wonderful story by one of the premiere storytellers here! I chuckled once again at the conclusion:)

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