A Job in the Alps

A Job in the Alps

I was 20yrs old when I went to Switzerland to work as a chef in a popular hotel. Primarily, I was there to raise the bar on my CV, but in between those moments of working hard and training in the art of Swiss cooking, I experienced a few escapades. Here's an account of a young girl going out into the big wide world alone, relishing the freedom of life in another country.

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Deleted User

You are clearly a lady of many talents. A chef is the Savoy is no mean thing! I'd like to hear more about your experiences there!
I enjoyed the Job in the Alps book, it reinforces my belief that real life is far more interesting than fiction.

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You were so young to go so far from home but thank you for sharing an important time in your life, sometimes thats not so easy. Having been to the Alps your story brought back some lovely memories! Well done.

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I am no longer being silent. I voted for yo ua bit ago. Great job on this mum. it deserves all the votes it is geting. :D

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a grand experience, haven't you! And, relayed it to the reader in a wonderful manner.

Thanks for sharing. My vote is yours. :-)

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Glynis Rankin

I added a comment and voted yesterday, don't know what happen, but here is what I wrote. I love this book and the pictures. You took me on a ride I will never forget and you were just twenty?
You made me feel as though I was there with you and your sense of leaving home for the first time. A truely wondeful story. You got my vote

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What a mesmerizing read!

Truly, I was hypnotized by the beauty of your prose. Every page I turned was another filled with adventure and delight. Even the photos were fantastic. A full-on treat for the readers.

You have my vote!!

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