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Romance Book Comp Entry Forum: By: Faith.Raven
20 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Post the books here so it's clear to everyone which books are entered ;p

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High Overlord of Ramenkind

Shouldn't you have waited till midnight?

Deleted User


You know what are really nice?


Exceptions are amazing.

Deleted User

What happened to this Romance Competition?

A Subtle Touch By: Ana
0 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Hi guys please take a look at my book, its a lovely romantic story.

Your reviews are most welcome!!

A Subtle Touch Living a simple life which revolved around her work, love was the last thing on Sara's mind but then you can never predict when love comes knocking on your door and when it does you are least prepa...
A Subtle Touch By: Ana
0 Comments    Open  
Important Post

Please check out my latest book A Subtle Touch, Its a beautiful romantic story about to what extent a man can go to save his love...
Your reviews are most welcome!!

Need help!! By: S.R.Morris
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Important Post

Hi there! My novella Dark Moon has sold 331 copies since i published it last year, but nobody has given me feedback. It is free, could you please read it, and post your review on whichever site you bought it from? Thank you to all of you!

S.R.Morris xoxox

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