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Romance Book Comp Entry Forum: By: Mikasa-Raven
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Post the books here so it's clear to everyone which books are entered ;p

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High Overlord of Ramenkind

Shouldn't you have waited till midnight?

Deleted User


You know what are really nice?


Exceptions are amazing.

Deleted User

What happened to this Romance Competition?

Hey guys By: Daze
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Have u read What my girlfriend doesn't know!!

Paranormal romance WIP By: Anya T. Catmus
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Updated a new chapter. Please, comment and tell me what you think about the story. Thank thank you you! :D

Flashes. (ch 1-6 WIP) **UNEDITED WIP** Adam has loved Christie for a long time, but he fears he'd ruin her relationship with his sister if he gives in and dates her. So, he creates a distance between them. When an...
. By: Mikasa-Raven
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Please check this out thank you if you do ^.^

The bet with the boys!. This better be worth it! Carly Penton was seen as the school genius, with her grades there was no room for argument. So how is it that she managed to lose in a bet with her three - although best – annoyingly stupid male f...
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