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Romance Book Comp Entry Forum: By: Faith.R
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Post the books here so it's clear to everyone which books are entered ;p


I'm here! :)


That's nice book Miriam!......I think we have a winner already! :)


No problem.....if others arrive, I'm not so good so I'm on your and Faith's side!......good luck girls! :)

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well seen as I have seen that this group is becoming less active I have come up with a a solution. A comp.

Details. I will require three other members who want to be judges message me in private or comment on this post.
this comp will be for everyone person to show us your romantic books enter any book short or long, but make sure the covers are eye catching and blurbs are gipping.
Then me and the other three members will... Show more

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Is It Over Yet...

I dot know if i'll still be able to judge..I've been going through some things..message me and we'll talk about it..sorry


kk i fill in 4 u until u sort out ur problem :)

The Love Square By: i. Hernandez
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I just published the first 4 chapter of my first book, check it out and tell me what you think so far.

plz and thank you

xoxo I.Hernandez

Hey all, I made a book trailer on youtube for my newest story, Cascadian Storm! You can check it ... By: marywalz
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Hey all, I made a book trailer on youtube for my newest story, Cascadian Storm! You can check it out here if you'd like. I had to delete my first link cuz there was a spelling mistake... :P
Anywho, here is the new and improved link...
For the record, I LOVE making book trailers and would be more than willing to help anyone learn how it's done!

Cascadian Storm trailer The trailer for my new book, Cascadian Storm. Book is available to be read and downloaded for free here:

Fantastic! This should attract a boatload of readers! Awesome job! 'D


Thanks Judy! :D Did you ever get back to reading the story? I know you were reading it awhile back... it's all done now!


I got pulled away from much of my reading by a lot of weirdness and family "stuff," as well as my middle daughter having serious health problems. She's been in and out of the hospital since January, so while I managed to write something for Laz's Drabble contest, most of my time... Show more


Ah. Fair enough. Life happens sometimes. I do hope you finish it though. :) Are you writing anything new?

Finally! Cascadian Storm is COMPLETE!! By: marywalz
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Hey everyone, just letting you know that the final chapters of Cascadian Storm are up! I will be going through it again to look for spelling and grammar errors, but the story itself is all there now! Woot!

Time is passing, and Jordan and Rahim are both learning to move forward from the tragedy that has rocked both their families. There is still much that must be done though. There are friendships that need to be repaired, a... Show more

Ch 37-39 of Cascadian Storm are up! By: marywalz
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Hey guys, I have uploaded the next three chapters of my novel Cascadian Storm. We are SO CLOSE to the end- the final three chapters are all that remain, and I might be able to get those edited and posted by early next week!

Jordan's life has been rocked by a devastating loss that will affect both her family and Rahim's. Now the two of them must figure out how to navigate their grief, how best to deal with angry friends and... Show more

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