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For Romance Books


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Romance Book Comp Entry Forum: By: Faith.R
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Post the books here so it's clear to everyone which books are entered ;p

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Sage of Ramen

Shouldn't you have waited till midnight?

Deleted User


You know what are really nice?


Exceptions are amazing.


What happened to this Romance Competition?

love romantic books By: koolshreya
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love romantic books


Good to know that! hahaha..

My Love Life Just a cover, need time to work on this'll be about the girls who i fell in love with. The girl are: the girl for few days, the girl who shied away, the girl who was using me, the gi...

thx i will surely read it


Nice to know that! :)

my new book By: Deleted User
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i have a new love book but its for sale i hope u like it though

Inspiration--Which caused me to write at 6am! By: *~*Sami-Rec*~*
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For some reason, I heard this song at 6am and I got up and it inspired me to write! I have no clue if it will do the same for you but this really worked for me!

Jake Miller - First Flight Home (Lyrics) ENJOY :) Thanks to ImtawqzHD, for giving me permission to use his lyrics. © The copyright in all material provided on this video is held by the original crea...
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YEP...... my chemical romance, and falling in reverse! ROOOOCCCCKKKKK OOOOONNNN

Deleted User

Indeed! Both of those groups are fabulous!

Check out my first work, comment if you like it, and if it's worth reading it to the end! thanx! By: Stormchild
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Check out my first work, comment if you like it, and if it's worth reading it to the end! thanx!

The Stormchild The book follows a path of an average shy teenage girl, to a dominant rock star and succesfull business woman, who is trying to deal with two different life paths and different kind of men. She can...

Okay, okay we'll check it out and I see you haven't even posted on your profile yet!


Will do


i''ll check it out :)

Love fantasy romance stories? What you're waiting for? Click the link below and start reading :).... By: Anya T. Catmus
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Love fantasy romance stories? What you're waiting for? Click the link below and start reading :).

I hope you enjoy it. It's the first draft and I already have an idea of the things that need changing. But I still would appreciate your comments.

Oh and the great thing? It's completed ;D.

Four Seasons Hotel (completed) When Claire goes on a small vacation with her sister, Phoebe, her aim is to relax. She isn't looking for love. Especially, not with a man who has the same personality as her ex. But when Clai...
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well seen as I have seen that this group is becoming less active I have come up with a a solution. A comp.

Details. I will require three other members who want to be judges message me in private or comment on this post.
this comp will be for everyone person to show us your romantic books enter any book short or long, but make sure the covers are eye catching and blurbs are gipping.
Then me and the other three members will... Show more

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To make the cover show, just paste the link and then hit space or enter and it will load the cover and blurb.

Hot Blooded, Cold Hearted! Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Penny, Penny Hopkins. I believe my parents chose that name because that's just about how much I was worth to them. Look, the bottom line is this, I'm about ...

Thanks T.B. Very Helpful! :)

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