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Do you feel unheard? Your voice fading till your left in the dark? Well then this happens to NOT be the group for you. Ha just joking. This group is about being young and having fun expressing yourself through writing. It just so happens that this group has two of the best administrators ever. Feel free to express yourself and me and my peer, along with other members of the group will definitely get... Show More


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Group Photo Suggestions? By: Deleted User
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Just made the new group photo. Have any suggestions for the next one? Let me know!

*Comment your suggestions.
*Comment age.
*Comment catch phrases for the group.
*Comment the name you would like to be mentioned with. You will get credit!

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RULES : There aren't any actually as long as : 1) Everybody is nice and looks at each other as ... By: Deleted User
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There aren't any actually as long as :

1) Everybody is nice and looks at each other as equals and peers.

2) Every once in a while take a look at the members of this group. Choose one person, read one of their books, and review it.

3) HAVE FUN. ;) Super funny !!! Try not to laugh if you dare ! By: Deleted User
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Super funny !!! Try not to laugh if you dare !

Laughing Chipmunk (iPhone Ringtone) Non iPhone users buy from Amazon here:
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Duh duh duh.


Yaaaah! I win too =D

Deleted User

wow genius people ;P

Here we go...AGAIN :) By: felixthecat
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Recently, Val offered to fund a writing contest. She has decided that it should be open to all comers, divided (prize and winners) by age. She and Chris C nominated me to head it up. Please go here for details, and PLEASE spread the word that we're nearly ready to launch it. We need your input first, though...especially regarding me as "host". Go here for details: "BRAND NEW WRITING CONTEST STARTS HERE" at Serious Writers.
... Show more

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the end By: w.g.u.m.c.d
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so guys the end of my story has finally come and i'm just so excited. the last book of the series has all the books in one, so you don't have to go back and read all of them if you haven't.


Society of the Grim: The End what is love to Samantha? what is life to Samantha? The ups and downs of her relationship with Abyss will reveal much more than the answers to these questions. He will come into her life and set ...
Music Suggestions By: Deleted User
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Would anyone like to share some of their favorite songs? :)

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Deleted User

@lazarus67 try "Smooth Criminal by 2Cellos"

Deleted User

@rootrot try "God Gave Me You by Blake Shelton"

Deleted User

Thank you three for sharing :)

Left Out :'( :'( By: naji.kadri
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I made a book but i feel left out :'( I really need viewers to my book and I'm young like 13 snf half and no one is seeing my books seriously. If you just see my book please at here:

Waiting for love Stan Duncan, a young professional criminal, and an orphan. Stan was spending the days of his life, with the gang, living on robbery. One day, his friend Andrew gets in jail, so Stan saw them there....
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Deleted User

Patience is a virtue and of course :)

A liiiiitle bit of help? By: TheUniSquirrel
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So I've been having writer's block for a while, and I've been doing nothing but drawing, so I thought that instead of a book I could do a graphic novel-ish thing instead? It would be easier to write the whole thing, since I'm still not very good with anatomy and certain angles, but I would have a lot of fun drawing it! Not that writing isn't fun, I'm just having a bit of a hard time expressing and explaining the story in the... Show more

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Sabrina Jade Howard

Me too. My mother is from Puerto Rico, and her first language was Spanish.


Most of my friends learned both Spanish and English growing up. :3 I like other languages because I like how they flow.

Sabrina Jade Howard

Yes. Especially in music.

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