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loved r book..."Hate To Love"!

Deleted User



Thanks~! It's been a long while since I wrote it. In my opinion, it isn't that good. I've been writing more on Wattpad and I haven't been on here in forever.

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I mostly write on Wattpad now and my writing has improved. A LOT. Haha.
Check out my new story on there. I'll be posting it to here but if you want to read the full thing go to wattpad. :3 If you have a Wattpad, Follow me and I'll follow back.

Beary Much, - Wattpad "Beary much so," I sang out as I hit the machine's buttons vigorously until I kicked his arse with my majestic skills...
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Celeste Ealain

Liebe bambi42!

Darf ich dich in eine andere Welt entführen? Hast du Lust auf etwas völlig anderes?

Ich hätte zwei Buchvorschläge

1) avatarähnliches SciFi mit Liebe, Intrigen und fantastischen Welten. Einmal SciFi, dass auch für nicht SciFi-Fans geeignet ist:

2)Wenn du allerdings lieber eine ganz andere Art von Vampirstory lesen willst, dann hier entlang:
... Show more

Enujaptas Fluch. Gestrandet auf dem vernetzten Planeten ... Ein Raumschiff auf einer Mission, doch der Zielplanet Earth3 wird aufgrund von Sabotage verfehlt. Stattdessen muss das Schiff auf einem unbekannten Planeten notlanden und erleidet dabei verheerende...
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Deleted User

Hey bambi42 thanks for adding my books to your favorites :D
Anisa xoxo <3


Your welcome. Can't wait for the next updates on them. :))

Deleted User

thanks :) they will be updated soon


:)) Okayy

Deleted User

cool thanks :D


Welcome :))

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Hi please could you read my book- born to die? If you like it, i would apperciate it if you would vote it for the compertion too :) x

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Well, I have finished my book called Trust -The promise and yes, I've changed the name because I thought it was better. And I am writing my next book that you could check out It is the second series of Trust called Trust - The Plan. Please comment about what you think! Thanx

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Deleted User

Dear Readers:) ,

I have messaged you because you either are my friends on bookrix or you heart-ed one of my books.:) I appreciate it:D

If you haven't realize, I'm not active on bookrix anymore:( Sorry for that. Im just so fed up with bookrix because it keeps deleting my chapters and i have to start all over again. It happened the first time to Stuck in Hell. And I decided to start over and just rewrite. I almost finished the... Show more

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can u give me the link to your profile on wattpad because it wont let me go on it when i click??

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