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Arpita Singh
Arpita Singh
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Arpita Singh

I will not live in the fantasy world. It is very appealing but once the reality crashes down on you, you get eroded away with its terrible blows. The authenticity of your essence will slowly begin to disappear reducing you to a mere empty vessel in which no soul rests.

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yes ....very true

Important Post
Arpita Singh

Have to leave,
But want to stay.

Have to be buried deep inside,
But want to float on the surface.

Have to come to an end,
But want to start again.

1 Comment

ur right
end is always a start of some thing new

Important Post
Arpita Singh

Can't live without you.

Want a reason to get over you,
Want a reason to forget you,
Want a reason to lose faith in you,
Want a reason to part ways with you.
Everyday I set out to find one,
Just one reason to stop loving you,
But I always end up finding too many of them to keep loving you.

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Arpita Singh

Sadly, it is.

Raj M


Arpita Singh

Thanks !!

Important Post
Arpita Singh

Overwhelmed by the feeling of love.

Just as the rivers have chosen their courses to flow,
Just as the mountains have chosen their paths to shield,
Just as the skies have chosen their horizons to shelter,
Just as the way I have chosen you to love.

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Deleted User

What u doing?

Arpita Singh

what ??

This comment was deleted.
Important Post
Arpita Singh


Life is such a baffling probability while death is a straight-laced certainty.

When a day starts with happiness, it ends with agony.

When a day starts with tears, it ends with laughter.

The troubles never abet while the solutions never fortify.

The numerous questions stall our way in the broad daylight while the few answers remain lurking in the darkness.

The endless lies float on the surface while the naked truths... Show more

Important Post
I live U die

Thankwaad for accepting my friend request.


Arpita Singh

Nice to have u Abhi.

And I must say, your poems are very well thought of.

I live U die

Its quite delightful to meet you.
Thank you for giving your precious time to my poems.
I really appreciate it.

This comment was deleted.
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