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Queen is Offline.
Important Post

i have tried of everything. forgetting you. forgetting us. i tried not talking to you but that just mad me miss you more. readung the text you send. what do you want? from me? why me? why am i the one you chose to you wanna keep? after everything i did. you did. can there ever ba an us aging?

Important Post

I hate Shakespeare and Gosling and cakes with white frosting
Two names in a heart-shaped tattoo
I think cupid is stupid and violets are purple not blue
I hate catching bouquets, the honeymoon phase
And letterman jackets don't fit
Your eyes can't hold stars and you'd die if your heart really skipped
I hate love songs (I hate love songs)
Yeah, I really do (I really do)
I hate love songs (I hate love songs)
But I love you
I hate pink... Show more

Important Post
~Death Wish~

Mkay soooo...I'm gonna be like super cliché...
To everyone;
This crazy ass bitch is my hoe, ight?
She's one of my closest friends and means the world to me...yes she's crazy as fuck...yes sometimes she seriously pisses me off >.< .....but she is there for me for everything...she's there for me when I'm just suicidal and depressed...she's there for me when I'm happy and just as much a crazy fucking bitch as her...she's always... Show more


AWW i dont anyone has threaten to kill someone for me. this really is touching haha

~Death Wish~

Haha it's true ;)

Important Post

yeah im weird


Important Post

I can swear, I can joke
I say what's on my mind
If I drink, if I smoke
I keep up with the guys
And you see me holding up my middle finger to the world
Fuck your ribbons and your pearls
'Cause I'm not just a pretty girl
I'm more than just a picture
I'm a daughter and a sister
Sometimes it's hard for me to show
That I'm more than just a rumor
Or a song on your computer
There's more to me than people know
Some days I'm broke, some days I'm... Show more

Important Post

This is my bestie and my sis, Queen
She is there for me when I feeling sad.
I love her
Love ya sis

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One thing I don't like is when females put their hand in my face tht irritates me


one thing i dont like is when bitchs try fucking with me my bros or my sis.. we are like a gang



Important Post

I love you, you were there for me, you protected me, and most of all, you loved me. We’d fight, scream, and argue, but, under it all, is a love. That only exists, in a brother, and a sister.

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