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Hi Members - Please do not send questions or inquiries as PRIVATE MESSAGES or PROFILE POSTS to this BookRix profile as they will not be answered here. All requests must be emailed to customer support at:

All messages sent to will be reviewed and answered by a member of our support staff.

-The BookRix team

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Deleted User

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Christiana Hinojosa

I hate that you blocked Dave because now most of my favorite books are gone. I think I might just have to contact some of the people from the FTC and The FCC about what you all are doing to our freedom of speech and what a lot of people love to read on here when the authors tell... Show more

Christiana Hinojosa

I just got of the phone with one of the people that work at the FCC and she told me that they are looking into your business because of several thousand complaints have been made about you. So don't be surprised if you get fined.

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Paul Samolin

Hello, yes and um...Hmmmm! Excuse me. I got a little bit carried away with myself there. Yes, and um ahhemn!hemm! Excuse me, there I go again. I'm \ just plugging to write about my new poetry ebook, with the cover of The Birth Of Venus on the Title. That's because it's a work of passion. Blood of the Lamb comin' atchya!

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H, J, Macey.

I thank you, just read how to upload your files have been enlightened THANK you again

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I have 27 articles previously published by me and wish to Ebook them. How do I format them (including images} for download to you...And why have you two sizes for a book cover?
Thanks Geo W Smith a newcomer

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This comment was deleted.
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