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I just wanted to tell you I read everything on your profile and you said that if I read all of it to send you a message. I am 18 and I am crazy too. You seem like a cool person!

Keep your head up and stay cool!!!

Life is worth livin ;D

< xxx3 < xxx3 < xxx3 XOXOXOX ~ Cindle Kaye

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i love the book "Dont Forget Me" it was great but i think you should keep writing it and not end it like that. im not saying its bad i really like it but i think you should write more. i was thinking that maybe you could tell about her journy to find a person with psyche abilities and try to bring the killer to justice. Thinks for listenin :)

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Well i have already started on a little something, but lets just say I've been having a 'writers block' for a year now... if that's even possible haha.

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I very much doubt i'll have any books up on here anytime soon...
I seriously can't write to save my life :(

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I'm doing good :D
I actually didn't know you had books up on here, i'll make sure to check them out! x

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Hi there! thanks for the add:) Love the pictures:D Your books look good, Imma read them ^.^

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