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Jay :P
Jay :P
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Important Post
Jay :P

Dear snuggles:
This is for when and if you come back. After you left I became stressed. And a rebel. I have a tendency to piss people off. And not give a shit.

Love you, Jay :P

Deleted User

and that's ok cupcake...
I love you too <3 :')

Deleted User

I have to delete this account tomorrow afternoon.....
but I wont delete you. : )

Important Post

This is my wittle French fry xD
i love her like a anotha sis
touch her if u want to,
but i cant promise i wont find yo ass and take u to hell
she was one of people that was there for me when i needed her
means a lot to me that u care <3

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Deleted User

same.... :'''(

Jay :P

I miss him so much

Jay :P

Why'd you have to leave

Important Post

Hey this is my girl right here so don't fuck around with her or heart her if u do I will fuckin beat the hell outa yo wrinkled ass

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Deleted User

surrrreeee.... O.o



Deleted User


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