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Just got my first book up for BookRix! Definitely excited! For those who are reading Us, here is a little bit about what's going on. This book is finished, the only reason I put six chapters out is because I'm trying to figure out whether or not I want to put a price on this book seperately! So, that will be determined on whether or not I get feedback for this book or not, so I hope you all enjoy the exerpt of my book!



Okay, so I'm going to read Us, but before I do, I'm just going to give you my opinion. I don't think you should put a price on your books, just because it limits your audience, and you can't get as much feedback.
Anyways, Us sounds awweessssommmme, so toodle-loo... :D
Imma read it now


Thank you soo much for your feedback! I had already decided to not put a price on it! I'm going to add 5 more chapters today! I hope that some people will comment on the book or on my profile to tell me more about how they feel about the book! So enjoy!


Yay :D


I meant TWO more chapter! Not Five, lol! I'll make you guys beg for it! Muhahahaha! >:)

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