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I loved Hush! just wondering if you know when Set Fire will be released?

Deleted User

Omg I loved hush too!


any idea on when set fire will be released? I LOVED hush!!! im excited to see what happens next

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Deleted User

Nice Pride and Prejudice quote!

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Bianka Rossouw

Hello I loved Hush!!! When I started I just needed to finish it and now I have to wait for Set Fire.. Please keep us updated on Set Fire!! Thanks and keep writing.

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Carmen Silvestre

Hi. I don't know why we don't have any news of you and "Set Fire" book, I supposed you are being very busy, but if you read this, i would love to know when "Set Fire" is going to be ready for us, I can't wait to know what is happening next! I know I said this words in another comment some months ago, but CONGRATULATIONS for your work, I admire you.

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I like your work you write a very clear picture of events. I can "see" and feel everything. I am interested in buying your books, just want to check if any are serials. I like to know in advance so I'm not surprised to be left hanging at the end

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