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I will be inactive on this site. I find no need to be here. This place is full of childish drama and foolish banter between people who are counties away from each other, and its hard to get books on here successful.

If any of you wish to know more about my book, or want to contact me: just go to my Instagram or Wattpad:

Links: http://www.wattpad.com/user/midnightlucifer


all the love x

im a flouresent adolescent (midnightlucifer) - Wattpad http://www.wattpad.com/user/midnightlucifer Im a sad fuck like every other teenager ️l.h, m.c , n.h, h.s, halsey, bea miller, rain, sushi & winter #endslutshami...
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Du magst Fantasie? Liebesgeschichten mit Verzweiflung, Angst und Leidenschaft? Dann guck doch einfach einmal in eines meiner Bücher rein :) Magst du es nicht? dann ignoriere den Post einfach :)
Mein weitestes Buch ist: http://www.bookrix.de/_ebook-inca-nadine-staeck-your-choice-good-or-bad-guy/
Der klappentext:
Erst musste ich zu meiner Mum ziehen, die mich eigentlich hasste. Und dann zogen wir auch noch zu ihrem Lover! Es... Show more

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Deleted User

That name... Your picture...



Haha well thank-you, I'd thought I'd scare people away with it oops

Deleted User

Lol well... Didn't work on me since I seemed to have a good laugh.. XD (AWESOMENESS,ALMOST LIKE A UNICORN!)


Haha well I'm glad it made you laugh then and yas awesomeness :)

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Thank you for the friend request, I look forward to reading your work.

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No problem and thanks :)

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