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BookRix is Offline.
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Hello My Dear,

How are you today? Let me briefly introduce myself to you, My name is
Sheikha Ghunaim , to the glory of God Am working with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Dubai UAE
sorry for bordering you, i have a confidenial issue i want to discus with you, please contact me here; (

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Hannah Vu

Lineh! Oh my gosh, when did this happen? I'm so sad to hear you've left office :(

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I am so saddened to hear the news actually it is bookrix's loss. I hope all goes well for you.

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mf Harris

Hi Lineh, sorry it took so long for me to get back with you but I wanted to leave a message here too because I'm sure you get numerous mass emails and I wanted to remind you that I was responding to an email of yours because it took me so long to respond to begin with! So please take a look at the messages I promise they aren't mass unpersonal ones :)

Thanks again,

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Hi Marsha, Got your PM and I replied:-)

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Hey, are you one of the site managers? I'm just wondering, because I was sent a spam message 6 to 7 days ago (It was dealt with) and I was told about someone named Lineh, so I was just wondering if they were talking about you.

Deleted User

Yes, she's one of the managers. Add her to your friend's list and let her know if you get spammed. She was on holiday and is due today, that's why she didn't answer.


Hi Tohru, Yup, I'm the online community manager that works for BookRix. If you ever get any spammers on your profile, please send a link of the spammers profile to and we will make sure to remove them from the site as soon as possible.


Ok cool! Thank you! :)


No prob;-)

Important Post

A quick question. I have a friend who listed a book for 16 and older. He says he got a comment from a 14 year old user. How does the age restriction thing work on bookrix, and how does bookrix know how old a user is?

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Hi Dave,
We do have the info explained on the family filter and 18+ on our help and support page. But the age recommendation has no affect if the book is sold externally in the shops. It's only for BookRix so there is no restriction if the book is marked 18+.

♥ davebccanada ♥

Okay, I get it now. The restriction you place on it is part of your obligation to site users but you cannot control what third parties do with it.



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