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Hey Guys! Quick life update to those who are curious:

I have just started attending college, a university in the Southern part of United States, and I feel like my life over the past 6 to 8 months have just slipped by. I am majoring in Piano Performance and Pedagogy. I actually have been playing since I was five, and it is my first love. Everything I have been doing over the past months to prepare myself for these moments in... Show more


Awww well im glad that everything is going wonderful for and that ur going to finish up a howl in the night , i am sure youll be amazing to anything u put your mind to !!! :)


Best of luck in your future endeavors.


I wish you good luck and best of wishes from Nairobi, Kenya

Deleted User

I understand Sutton. Cannot crucify you for not upgrading. But as you continue with pursuing your dreams don't forget to write. I am earnestly ready to read your books

Zareia ♥♥♥

Good luck! Wish you the best
Zareia Zexa♥

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Ahmmm . . . I am currently reading your book " A Howl In The Night " and it is really cool. I hope you are open for comments . So I just wanted to say that, I hate ( well not really , maybe just a little bit) the part where Mona changed into another woman with much pleasing appearance than here own self. I think it is more better if she should've live the way she was/look. But that is only my opinion ^_^

And I didn't read... Show more

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I have one question, How come Howl In The Night ended so quickly? Not to be mean but I think there should be a second book.


i know right?


I really wanna see another one


I definitely want to see another book to his one.

Zareia ♥♥♥

I know! I would really like to see some more of this book!

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Hi there,
I love your "a Howl in the Night". It's awesome! Totally catching. I couldn't stop reading, but I have a ton of homework to do now. Thanks for the great read!

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EAD ON OR DIE TONIGHT AT 10:35 P.M 9 years ago a person named Jerry got dared to sleep in a house that was believed haunted. The next day his friends waited for him outside the house...... They had to go inside and search for him. They went through every room exept the attic. He wasn't supposed to sleep there. He was supposed to sleep in the living room they went to the attic
. They saw Jerry's corpse and they just left... Show more

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Cassia Beckett
I would be honoured for any and all feedback and or opinions on my new book "Confessional"

Please and Thank you,

Confessional . (1# The Shadow Trilogy) Laurel Carter has lost everything. Stuck in an insane asylum that is beginning to destroy her. She is losing hope and discovering loneliness. That is, until she meets Ashley Larkin. His enchant...
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