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Ava Gillespie

I think that “S” stands for serenity. I think this because the word serenity means calm, quiet, peaceful etc. and the entire chapter is about getting “zen” and breathing calmly. I think the lesson was that sometimes, you just need to take a chill pill and relax a bit.

Important Post
Audrey Pham

"S" stands for stop. Throughout the section, Thich puts Will through mindfulness, practicing deep breathing and enjoying tea. He shows Will how taking the time to stop and enjoying the present is very well needed and what he could have done differently. He had problems with being a workaholic, spending little time with his family, and only thinking about the future which ultimately, broke his family apart. This lesson he... Show more

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Nick Kemp

I think that "S" stands for Sage or Serenity. This chapter is about Will finding peace with Thich guiding him down a path of serenity. Thich was the Sage in this story and he was a big part of this chapter. Also, the "S" may be for Solution because everything that Will learned from Thich was the solution to his greed problem and showed him how to live in the moment, thus making his life better.

Important Post

I think that S stand for solution. I think this because during Wills visit at the S department he learns many solutions that will help fix his problems with his family

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Jack Ebert Mr. Cohen Period 2

I think S stands for stop. Will now realized how much life he has missed. He will now stop his bad ways and live life to the fullest. He will now notice nature in a way he never has and he will give his family the respect and love they deserve from him.

Important Post
Justin Salvesen

I think "S" stands for satisfaction. After leaving the "I" and "F" floors, Will still had many questions about why he was at KPO and what he was learning there. But after leaving the "S" floor, he felt satisfied with the answers he got and can now go and try to fix his life and regain his relationship with his family.

Important Post
Emma Swantak

I personally believe that "S" stands for serenity. With the theme of the floor "S" being overall calming, Will is constantly reminded to be in the moment and to not anticipate the future. This causes him to be serene and calm, which allows him to leave KPO with a sense of satisfaction and goodness in his heart that he WILL change and he WILL fix his relationship with his family. (Perhaps this has something to do with the... Show more

Important Post

I think that in this chapter “S” stands for solutions. I think this because during this chapter of the book they talk about all of Wills solutions to all of his problems that he is having.

Important Post

My personal opinion is that "S" stands for soothing. This floor in the story seems to sooth Will so profusely, that he actually stops and just thinks about what he has messed up. “He was excited, yet disappointed. Eager, yet nostalgic, for this sunset would be over soon, obliterated from the day’s existence. William now knew, when speaking of sunsets what it is they symbolize.” Floor "S" created such a soothing feeling for... Show more

Important Post

"S" stands for simplicity because Will learned that sometimes the nicest things in life are right in front of you. Simplicity is the key to his comeback from greed. Will needs to "stop and smell the roses" and once he does his life will be much better than before. The "S" floor taught Will how to recognize his past mistakes and how to take a step into the right direction.

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