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antim abhay
antim abhay
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Deleted User

I thoroughly enjoy your writing and understand what you say completely. You are a much better writer than I am because you explain yourself so well, very well. I wish I had that ability. Plus your writing is like a song. It’s like poetry in motion, simply beautiful.
If I were to analyze your style it is filled with emotion, wonderful emotion. But also, as with all elements (earth, wind, fire and water) there needs to be... Show more

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Jim E. Beer

A "sneak-peek" from Part 2 of 'Jim's Woods'
Titled: Going Deeper! - * Coming Soon! *

On my next trip back the tracks I smuggled some candles from our house and set them up in little tin pie plates. Then I built some shelves in the earthen walls by inserting sticks in the wall to act as anchors then laying longer branches across them where I could balance the candles, as well as a plastic container full of matches and a strip... Show more

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How do u make a book

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antim abhay

a story is something which has never been created before... how can u tell someone to create something which has been never created

Rookie Burwick

amen to that

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Hannah Vu

Thank you for your favorite on Empty Waters. It means a lot to me, especially since it was one of my earlier shorts :)

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antim abhay

my pleasure :)

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Welcome to the community - have fun!

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