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Just popped by to say hi...and URGE you to get-that-awesome-book-FINISHED:)


I'm working on it! ;) Thanks for keeping me straight.


Okay, P. All 27 Chapters are now posted! Thanks for lighting a fire under me. :D

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Backwood writer

thanks so much , as I write this its five Am in the morning and I am up heading to Lexington Kentucky veteran hospital for my first treatment , thanks so much for your email , I have to report at the hospital for my first treatment of Chemo I dread it but I have no choose but to fight this cancer and do what I can to at least live a while with it ,
maybe I will beat it I sure hope so , thanks so much for being a loyal friend,... Show more

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Hey! Just stopping by to salute you ;) Have any books you desire a review on? Let me know!

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J.C. Laird

Several other people have noticed the changes on my profile page, so I'm divulging my 'secrets' on a Serious Writers thread. Pretty amazing, isn't it. Secret #1: I didn't do it.


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Deleted User

So glad you approve. Thanks. :)
In looking them over, I noticed 3 lines before the final verse in "... Glory" that didn't make the final cut. Guess I copied and pasted from a draft.

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Deleted User


I love your knitted background, but it makes reading your info very difficult. Maybe you could find a way to put a solid background behind that? :) Best & Happy New Year. Oh, saw where your hero is Jesus. Here's a poem I wrote just before Christmas...

Which Pathway To Glory?
© Ben Burton 11-18-2012

It's never too early to think of the future
It's never too late to examine the past
Whenever the present feels dreary and hopeless
... Show more

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Deleted User

Hi Michelle,

Thanks for the welcome. You are the reason I'm here...It looks like a fun site and much to do. I look forward to reading you new story soon.


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