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Dark She-Wolf
Dark She-Wolf
Dark She-Wolf is Offline.
Important Post
Dark She-Wolf

The animals voices are quiet,
But they can be heard if ,
You care enough to listen.

Important Post
Dark She-Wolf

Hi guys! Tell me what u think...

What you feel matters to me,
Open your eyes and you will see,
That everyone who causes you pain,
Nothing, forever, will they gain.

I take your matters to the heart,
Only then will death do us part,
In any situation it's you i will save,
Any secrets you tell me will go to my grave.

When you talk my heart turns around,
And then your voice is the only sound,
What can i say? you've stolen my love,
And only... Show more

Zayn Anas

oh mmy god dark she wolf.....

Dark She-Wolf


Zayn Anas

that is damn good woman!!!

Important Post
Dark She-Wolf

Sometime in your life you will go on a Journey,
It will be the longest Journey you will ever take.
It is the Journey to find Yourself.



This comment was deleted.


Important Post
Dark She-Wolf

I am Wolf,
I am many things,
Teacher. Friend. Lover. Healer. Mother. Father. Son. Daughter.
And yet you fear me... Despise me... Kill me...
Are you not those things?
Are you not a wolf as well?

Zayn Anas

i too am a wolf

Dark She-Wolf


Important Post
Dark She-Wolf

If they stand Behind you,
Protect them.
If they stand Next to you,
Respect them.
If they stand Against you,
Defeat them.

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