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vouren’s Favorites

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Nicole Garrett Shadow

The things that lurk in the dark...

  • Thriller
  • English
  • 1001 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 313
  • 10

You shouldn't walk alone in the dark when there are things out to get you. Nicki finally realized one night but has she learned her lesson. (This is on a short story that I wrote when I was younger so don't have you hopes set too high)

Keywords: dark, shadow, alone

For Free

Guardian Angels
Misty Guardian Angels
  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 8008 Words
  • Ages 14 and up
  • 419
  • 6

Hiding and denying the fact that she has a special power, Sarah Lincon come to terms with it after her best friend dies in a car accident. When her whole life is turned upside-down by forces she refused to believe existed her whole life, she must embrace her powers and... Read more...

Keywords: angels, demons, guardians

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Earth's Elements
Missy Earth's Elements
  • Fantasy
  • English
  • 61119 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 2088
  • 155

Lillenette falls in love with Darien, and she never thought her life could get any better. then darien dies, and Lillenette is accused of killing him, and she is put into a home with nine other people, and strange things start to happen, and Lillenette soons starts to... Read more...

Keywords: werewolf, powers, crazy, death, friends, family, love, hate, loss, father, running, change, home

For Free

My luck (Not Complete)
Chelsea Baker My luck (Not Complete)

I dont know love, but will he show me???

  • Romance
  • English
  • 4803 Words
  • Ages 16 and up
  • 2685
  • 38

She shanted to live her life and forget, but he wouldint ler her untill she found the one that heald her heart. bust will it remain unbroken? all you have to doo is read. (unfinished) forgot how to change the table of content lol

Keywords: love, lust, miths, pain, pleasure, broken

For Free

Earth Fire Water and Wind
Kaitlin Chenoa Humphries Earth Fire Water and Wind

Book 1: Wood Earth

  • Fiction
  • English
  • 14036 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 1085
  • 73

Three sisters all elements of the earth find themselves wanted by a King and his sons for their own purposes. But they have been protected by friends who have fallen for them. These woman find themselves in many situations that they cannot get out of without the support of the ones they love.

For Free

Fractured Promises
Lauren Ruiz Fractured Promises
  • Fiction
  • English
  • 21067 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 476
  • 16

Arianna Lynne and Clark Queen have been best friends since childhood. But once Clark gets his heart broken by the girl he loved and cherished for almost 3 years, he begins to change. He's become secretive, runs away from home, and is angry at the world. He unknowingly... Read more...

Keywords: Romance, Drama, Betrayel

For Free

S. G. Ricketts Calypso
  • Science Fiction
  • English
  • 16071 Words
  • Ages 0 and up
  • 14884
  • 294

The world is not what it seems. Millions of lightyears away from her home planet, Kira is the sole survivor of the Earth colony on Calypso. Trapped on the exotic rain forest planet, Kira is surrounded by natives who want her dead and watched by the organization that sent... Read more...

Keywords: alien, sci-fi, planet, survivor

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