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Poem called Judged:
They judge you.
They don't know your name.
They don't care they'd treat you the same.
They call you names, they say you're a whore.
They want you dead, why don't they like you more?
You walk down the hall, you cover your arms.
If they could only see what hides are your scars.
You return home you cry, why don't they care?
You pull out a blade, it's suddenly right there.
It's your only friend, it's always there.
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I just got back online and I just saw this poem of yours and I love it . are you thinking of posting more? because if you are I'd be first in line to read them. SILVERFIN OUT!!

Bad Bitch

I hate people who judge other for no reason and just for fun. And even if it's not for a reason I still hate it! No one knows what's ones going through, and that does not give anyone the right to judge.

Important Post


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okay? haha night night, i was just asking if you have anything else to say before I leave like, whatever you want to tell me though haha No hard feelings though


Ok thanks for chatting


Yep, thank you, probably tomorrow again, have a goodnight Sleep and God bless :)

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