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Jordan23 is Offline.
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Poem called Judged:
They judge you.
They don't know your name.
They don't care they'd treat you the same.
They call you names, they say you're a whore.
They want you dead, why don't they like you more?
You walk down the hall, you cover your arms.
If they could only see what hides are your scars.
You return home you cry, why don't they care?
You pull out a blade, it's suddenly right there.
It's your only friend, it's always there.
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vasilah abowath

Agreed. I believe In that^


I Liked it ❤


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hey whats up ever since you broke up with me we have never talked

Important Post

thrillers are so amazing......................i wrote one once.............a triller book

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Hey.... I am so so so so so so sorry!! I had to get away from everything for a while, but I promise I am back now. please don't be mad at me..


hi. im so glad that you didnt leave. i missed you so much. how have you been?


There for a while, I wasn't so great. But while things haven't really gotten any better, I have a new perspective, so it doesn't really matter. I am happier, and more at ease with things..

How have you been?


i've been better. i lost my best friend earlier this year.


oh.... i'm so sorry

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Deleted User

Boo....I love you <3


i love you too :P

Deleted User

awwwwwwww : )

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Deleted User

I feel like ur avoiding me purposely :''(
anytime I want to help u and talk to you
you always go offline.....v.v
I don't even know what I did
but im missing u like crazy and it kills me to know
I cant talk to you as much as I used to

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Deleted User

Is this romance loving? Maybe he needs time idk

Deleted User

Pm me

Deleted User


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