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funny thing is idgaf about my fucking 14 years old writing dumbass books like this nd idc if ppl read it or not cause its a fucking joke....nd the fact that u keep going back nd forth with a little girl is amusing, i mean, it just shows how immature you are to keep commenting on a book, im never going to write again...with that being said, puta adiós, divertirse en su vida idiota!

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First of all trick u need to watch who the fuck you think your cussing at, like i said i read a book like yours that has already been published now ur mad cause im telling the truth? Bitch please, you need to fucking fall back and stop trying to come at my neck because i stated my opinion. And, how am i hating? Did i ever say that fuckin book was wack? No i didnt hoe so get ya facts straight b4 u start commenting on my shit!

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ur book nicky was awesome im hopinq u have somethinq else comming up deff a fan of urs

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