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my friend: spell this G A R B A GE
me: G A R B I T C H
my friend *dying of laughter* say it fully
my friend: *still dying of laughter*

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Seriously? Look at her butt. Ew!
Oh, she looks like a slut. Ew!
I'm like "what the what"? Ew!
Right? Right? Ew, ew!
Oh, you got to see this
Oh my gross I can't believe it
She's so basically basic
She's literally making me sick
This is embarrassing. Ew, ew!
Like seriously, seriously. Ew, ew!
No seriously, seriously! Ew, ew!
I can't, I can't! Ew, ew!
Look at look at this. OM-effin-G, what the eff?
You're gonna freakin' flip, like, seriously... Show more


really ew song

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( -_- )
<) )- Dont cha wish
/ \

( -_- )
/( (> your girlfriend was
/ \

( -_- ) /
< ) ) hot like me
/ \

i actually created this ʕ•͡ω•ʔ

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I'm rare
Like these diamonds that I wear
Gold lace
Please you like no other
Heartbeat racin'
I'ma put you through these paces
Be the best you ever tasted
Gon' stay on your mind
Come back every time
Baby I'ma keep you cravin'
Baby I'ma keep you cravin' (cravin')
Baby I'ma keep you cravin' (cravin')
(Cravin', cravin', cravin')
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
Yeah I'm the remedy subject to your abuse
I'm that desire in your blood you can't refuse
Ya picked... Show more

Important Post

ok people you might know this person No going back freak hate anger she was a user on Bookrix that deleted her account. If you do'nt know why she did it let me tell you. She deleted her account because she wanted to start again on Bookrix. She is still a user and thats me

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lol i know that


he went that way

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