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You might want to check the validity of some of the companies recommended in your Home Based Business book. For instance, when I looked up We Share Success, I found tons of web articles saying great things about it, but soon realized they were all articles linked to their own website. So I dug a little more and found a site that didn't belong to them, and discovered this:
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thanks for the comment.I will check it further

Important Post
L. Avery Brown

A: Read requests may ONLY be placed in the proper thread 'Promotions and advertisements'

B: As your request is improperly posted, it will be deleted

C: It is wise to ASK politely instead of saying 'Read and review my book'

D: When or if you do properly post the book--leave the link to it

L. Avery Brown, MODERATOR
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Read and recommend my books dear friends


This site is for those who like to read and write. Also it's where we help each other to better ourselves when it comes to writing.
This is not a place to promote a business. ..whether legitimate or not.
Thank you.

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