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Stories About the Rain

Stories About the Rain
I remember her best as a brightness: a splash of amber against the rain, wet and blurred, her hair pulled up in the imagined style of a dead people. It always rains on Papho, drip-mists and drobbles taking turns like gentle rocking waves, a pulse that becomes a way of life, rising in crescendo to the terror of the summer monsoons. They say that the new natives have a hundred different words for rain, but the truth is simply that they have many ways of expressing what they feel.

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This is so beautiful. And vivid. And poetic. And fresh.

I love rain and your story is a gem!

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Deleted User

Aaron, both the story, and the quality of your writing, are superb. I venture to say that Ev and Aaron were one and the same person during the writing, so captivating are the images of the planet that you write about. Superb!

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This is incredible. The story is poignant and meaningful... and your writing! So poetic and descriptive! This is a gem!

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This is exceptional writing from a very talented writer. The descriptions and illustrations you pen on the page are so vivid and clear.

I recently wrote a poem titled "Rain" and was looking to read something else that pertained to rain.

Thank you so much for sharing.

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Deleted User

You are a talented writer

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Review - This was a story framed in poetry. You have a gift for making description vivid and an inextricable part of the story. Your writing 'voice' is fresh and unlike most. Excellent job. Robynn

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This is amazing stuff. The author takes you right in to his story and allows you to experience it with him. I look forward to more- keep writing Aaron!

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This story was amazing! I couldn't stop turning the pages! :D you did a great job on this and I hope you put up more books soon.

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I am right behind Judy. Your story is beautifully written and deserving of a resounding win. You have my vote, with pleasure. Valerie

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Looks like the voting thread just opened - I'm delighted to say I was the first to cast a vote for your entry - good luck!

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