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Djerba Déjá Vu

Post 9/11 Novel By:
Djerba Déjá Vu

Monica, TROY I's newly recruited under-cover agent, loves many things about Arab culture, others she hates to the bone. Send to Djerba, in Tunisian, her main goal is to track down the mastermind behind the 2002 terror attack on the island's Jewish Temple, but when a murdered British tourist is found Monica feels that she must find the culpit ad soon her list of possible suspects grows as rapidily as does the attraction she feels for her half-Arab co-worker. But between jet-setter parties, international politics, and ancient North African magical practices nothing is what it seems.

Djerba Déjá Vu is Alexis Debary's literary, post 9/11 debut thriller and it is based on the 4/4 2002 terrorist blast on Djerba, in Tunisian. The author attended Islamic Studies and German Literature at the University of Hamburg, after which she lived in Arabic speaking countries for many years, and she knows to bind first-hand glimpses of the Muslim world with raw action and vibrant imagery. This full-length debut plays with cultural prejudice and the search for identity.

Monica’s limbs are melting. Her face glistens. She noses closer, playing her lips over the rough stubbles on his chin. Her lips edge nearer while his hot scent envelops her, robbing her of her senses. Beneath her shirt, her nipples tense to buds while the shed’s electronically driven appliances hum softly in the background. With a forceful movement, he locks her in his arms, covering her mouth with kisses, and she feels how his desire churns to life. Outside the shadow of a movement flashes by...

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Important Post
Alexis Debary

Hello dear readers, I hope you find my story entertaining and please feel free to leave your comments and thoughts. I am also looking for new reviewers and if you would like to read the entire book for free do not hesitate to contact me! Thank-you.

This comment was deleted.
Harshavardhan C

Congrats Madam for attempting to write on terrorism.

Can there be possible solutions to end international terrorism and mend the terrorists?.

I also wrote a novels on great terror, titled 'I am not Mahatma'; and 'After death, an ultimate truth. You may pl go through; and you are... Show more

Alexis Debary

Thank-you Harshavardhan for your comment!

How terrorism is lived is always also an individual experience and in my book the fictional characters are not necessarily representative of all cases of modern terrorism. Djerba Nights is the tale of how a set of compelling... Show more

Important Post
Alexis Debary

Extract:Onlookers suck in their breath as the first Stambali dancer somersaults to the front. The musicians form a row and the rhythm with their huge, drums resounds to the hypnotic beat of the metal clappers that set in to join them. Essential to the success of the event is the exact sequence of movements and colours employed and the old witch doctor gives signals to the male dancers to form a semi-circle, facing the... Show more

Important Post
Alexis Debary

She presses down further on the gas pedal, flooring the accelerator and the car bounces over the 80 mph mark. Monica often drives at this velocity so she pumps further, to get the most out of the old vehicle. 80 miles an hour is a decent speed for a road in this condition, she thinks, when, all of a sudden, a terrible explosion makes the car give a leap. Something in the vehicle has burst apart. Did she demand too much from... Show more

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