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Just a roleplay tale retold - Curse of the blightfire queen

Roleplay narrative inspired by classic ghost stories By:
User: AMP1972
Just a roleplay tale retold - Curse of the blightfire queen

Having overestimated my abilities, and simultaneously underestimated my group of roleplayers, once again: I had to improvise a lot to mix a campaign length background of a fantasy Bavaria mixed with inspiration from D&D Spelljammer & dark fairy tales.


Throwing in a handful of short-stories, to make the lousy little adventure part one look like a well-prepared campaign with lots of effort invested resulted in several desperate measures, and even though legal, I didn't like the author it would have made out of me to continue that way.


After 22 years of absence I was brought back into fantasy-roleplaying & game mastering. The expected debacle on first attempts did not happen, but my adult self noted much more about lacking competences, in-group player-compability (teamwork vs toxic roleplaying), and several issues more.


What remained here, contextually, is this: The real world Roland belonged, back then, and it may still be so, to a Neo-Nazi group, which did put my real world person unto a deathlist aka hitlist (made me a target to be killed). 


Living with that sucked, but I am still alive. In return I went back to Michael Moorcock inspired Eternal Champion kinda roleplaying games, as I turned the stress & memories into dark fantasy roleplay with minor Steampunk add-ins (a bit Napoleonic here and there aka gimme the flintlock guns).


This story here was under pressure of time, and I felt ashamed of NOT having invented & fully written it myself. But years passed by, and others money-milked, what was still illegal in my own youth. So now, returned from bum shelter, I give a notch more to my greed & self-preservation than before.


Planned, back then, were 5 stories to show not tell, what "Bavaria" means in my fantasy context, actually just to show players what characters they could create to fit-in. This one 'survived' a hard disk chemical burn due overheating...

This eBook is available at the following stores (among others):

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