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An Encounter with Life- as it is

Life and You By:
An Encounter with Life- as it is

I am Ashok Sinha- I am a Media/P.R Consultant in Indian Film industry, Mumbai. My expertise lies in communication- How to communicate? These communication need words to convey your thought, you're planning. 

But, the real communication which Life, itself, teaches you, are silent. These communications are related to mundane Stress, Anxiety, Adversity, Mind Control, Success, Failure, Money, and Relationship. These communications further deals with your Health, your Happiness. It further leads to a unique and important question- What is Life? Who you are?

An encounter with Life- As it Is; when I met Life, for the first time, in silence, no words, no grammar, no boundary, no inhibitions, no fear? Here, I am sharing my experiences, which I accumulated amid a sacred silence within when; I am in deep communication with the Universe through meditation. 

I am merely trying to indicate towards a direction where, even amid heavy adversity, when absolutely all doors are closed for you, your own shadow has left you stranded, and even God is not answering your pure, prolonged prayers, in such a situation- How to live a healthy life keeping the smile and grace intact? How to control mind, mind controlling is very important, effortlessly?

I am not a Philosopher. I am not a guide. I am certainly not a mascot. I am merely your extension. I am merely your reflection. I am another you. I am floating within, with moments. I am as old as the Mountains, and I am as fresh as a Morning Breeze.  

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Ashok Sinha

'An Encounter with Life- as it is'- "Stress can destroy you. Stress can kill you. Stress can be the door of salvation- it all depends upon your look; how you are looking at your stress"...

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