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Favorites of mine

Drabble contest 2014 By:
User: Coco B
Favorites of mine
If you could name the three most important things to you in the world, what would they be?
Here is a short description of what I value most, each in its own class… Random? Hell yeah!! :D

Entry for the Drabble contest hosted by Lazarus, with the theme: "first time".
And speaking of firsts, this is my first try at writing anything at all. So please bring the critics on! I'll be looking forward to them.

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Important Post
Deleted User

Oooh! I loved all three of these! All so different, yet well written. I hope you write more! :)

1 Comment
Coco B

Well, thank you very much! I actually enjoyed writing this a lot, so well, I'm thinking of trying to do a bigger sized one, not a 100 words :D
But well, I'm kind of panicking too, not knowing how to begin at all, so we will see... ;)
But having your approval makes me stronger! Thanks!

Important Post

Sudden tense change in the first story ("But what did me in" should be "But what does me in," etc. In story #2, a typo: "matter of minute" should be "matter of minutes:" and in the third, "nerver-wrecking" should be "nerve wracking."

And that, my friend, is it. Nothing more in terms of errors. So...what do you mean, "amateur-ish"? These are wonderful! Three different parts of the emotional spectrum are visited and beautifully... Show more

Coco B

Check, Check and ARGHHHHHHHHHHH! It make 101 words then!
Well, I'll try arranging it! Thank you very much for the Proofing!

As for the rest of your comment, thanks a lot :)
And so a last question: rugby or american football? :D

Coco B



Honestly? Baseball. [Wanders off whistling, "Take Me Out To The Ball Game"]

Coco B

I went to only 1 game of baseball in my life. And well, I thought is was quite nice, but I couldn't get too much taken in the games. But hey, it wasn't first league, so I guess that makes a huge difference... It was nice to try though! But I never get really fired up for any... Show more

Important Post

I loved these Drabbles, Coco. 'For Your Eyes Only' and 'Frozen Ode to My lovers' were my favourites.

If this was your first attempt at writing, I will definitely read more of your work.


Coco B

Thanks a lot :)
When I got the message somebody left a comment, sweatbeads began forming all over my face! Haha!
I thought it would have been a much worse review :P
So thanks a lot for a very encouraging review!
As for when I will make a move on my ideas... Boh, no idea. But this... Show more


Hi Coco,

Don't be too hard on yourself. In order to develop our writing skills we have to be prepared to keep taking a step back from our work and undertake numerous edits.

BookRix is a great community, which supports new writers to develop a good idea. You can chat about starting... Show more

Coco B

I have joined some of them. Thank you for the help :)
And good luck publishing (well, selling) your Speedy Reads!


Thank you!

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