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Simple & Effective Science For Self Realization (German)

Simple & Effective Science For Self Realization (German)

In moments of reflection, it is only natural to wonder what is the true purpose in life and to ask, behind the constant efforts made just in “living”, what is it that we are seeking?

In the book “Self Realization”, Gnani Purush (embodiment of Self knowledge) Dada Bhagwan reveals the science of Self realization, describing that attaining knowledge of Self is ultimate life purpose, and is the beginning of lasting, permanent happiness. Dadashri explains that all beings continuously seek happiness but can only be satisfied by spiritual happiness.

Becoming Self realized is a spiritual awakening which allows such happiness to begin to be experienced. Having gained Self knowledge, spiritual development and spiritual awareness begin - initiating a spiritual transformation which can result in ultimate liberation, or moksha.

Whether interested to discover ultimate life purpose, or on a spiritual quest to attain spiritual enlightenment, “Self Realization” is a unique resource.

As this book was uploaded as an epub file, you can only read a reading sample online. However, you can download the whole book.

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