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The younger brothers own anger took hold and he ignored the matron. Instead, he turned away from her, which only added to her anger, and asked his brother how long he had to live if he kept using his abilities the way he did. He decided that blunt honesty would be the only thing that could possibly get through to his stubborn brother. 

Jake paled a bit at the blunt question and stuttered that he didn't know, no one could predict the speed of degeneration. Ryan told him what Mason had said about the enhanced brain activity. May had been listening and she immediately spoke up and angrily asked Ryan how Mason knew about the abilities. 

Ryan shrugged and told her that he hadn't mentioned anything, that the doctor already knew. May didn't believe him though and it was evident on her face. 

Jake placed a hand on May's shoulder and asked her for a few minutes alone with his brother. She wanted to object but only nodded angrily and headed inside. She was more suspicious of Ryan than ever. 

Jake looked at his brother seriously and contemplated the words he could use to convey his feelings. 

"Ry, please listen to me, and listen to my heart. The fight for me, for my life, it's all you've ever known and that's not fair. It's not fair to you". Jake spoke to his brother like he was a wounded animal. He went on to tell him that he deserved his own life and that he deserved to study and do what he wanted with the rest of his life. 

At the last part Ryan gave him a sharp look and asked him what he meant. Jake told him that he knew he wasn't happy studying neuroscience. 

Ryan gaped at him as he retreated, he didn't know how to respond. 

His voice shook as he said: "You don't know what you're talking about. You couldn't be bothered to contact me for almost two years, I feel like I barely know you and now all of a sudden you're an expert on my life." 

Ryan had reached the front of Mays house and was climbing into his car as he told his older brothers astral projection that he was going back to his parents house and that he would come see him if he found out anything. 

They both knew that was a lie, but then again they were getting good at lying to each other. 


Jake was left staring at his brothers car speeding away and felt like things were spiraling out of control and he had no way to stop the spinning before someone got hurt. He was afraid that he was only pushing his brother further away and he didn't know how to stop that from happening. 


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