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The End of the World

The End of the World
The Cross-Eyed Cricket may not be in any travel guides but to the chosen few that know about this little dive, it's their home away from home. We look in on the place as they prepare for an "End of the World" party on December 21, 2012. In the same fashion as hurricane parties, the patrons are just looking for an escape from the mundane. Join them and see what they discover.

Posts and Comments
Important Post

I didn't get back before the 21st, but glad to know we are all still here. What a colorful cast of characters and an amusing story. I don't often laugh aloud as I'm reading. You have a wonderful sense of humor that adds flavor to your writing.

Important Post

Well, we're still here (at least in body anyway). I guess the Mayans were off a bit on their calculations. Like we say in Texas, 'oilwell' it gave me a chance to make up a little yarn about the event. And who knows, maybe the gang at the Cricket will make a never know.

Thanks for all who read and commented, you are the best!

Important Post
J.C. Laird

Well written story. I just finished reading it at 10:35pm. 12/20/12. Now I have to wait another hour and a half to see what happens. So the Mayans were off by twenty-one minutes, huh?

And I remember a few bars like that in my time. Good description, good detail.

Important Post

Well, this was a surprise. It started off playful and ended just right. The bit about the scale was expected, but still funny.
But I think it was all well put together. I didn't notice any mistakes either, so it was a smooth read (besides some of the language).

Well done.

Great job!
Keep writing!


Important Post

Words cannot describe how long I laughed when I read the first page. The uncle, the aunt and the bathroom scale. It was all just too much for my funny bone to handle. I think I almost broke it.
And your description of "Hoss" was just brilliant. He's such a character.
Your descriptions of the other people who frequent the Cricket are amazingly original as well. Most stories tend to opt for the easy way out and just homogenize... Show more

Important Post

We'll just have to wait and see what happens next never know about those crazy Mayans.

Important Post

Well, it didn't happen after all....but your story was terrific. Have messaged you with some boo boo fixes.

Well done, Glen.

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