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Sharks - Wonderful and Wild Creatures

Sharks -  Wonderful and Wild Creatures
For humans, sharks are proverbially monstrous, when really they are no monsters at all.
This volume wants to contribute to our better understanding of these wild and wonderful, mysterious and manifold creatures, their very special abilities and important role in our ecosystem.
… wild and wonderful, just like elephants, lions, hippos, snakes, and us …

This Book is Part of a Series "Underwater universe"

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sharks, monster, sea, shark, great white
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Important Post

I never knew sharks were fish...(sarcastic) all I knew is they have pointy teeth and are carnivores. I seen movies of shark attacks a lot. I think this book is really nice and I love it. But I hate the fact sharks eat my favorite animal: the Penguin. I have a Penguin book but it has small printing and I cant read it but this is perfect. All I have to say is: great job :)


Important Post
Deleted User

These facts of Sharks are really cool! Next time u make a shark book, make sure the shark's name is Jaws :)

Important Post

eine gute Idee, dieses informative, wunderbar gestaltete Buch über Haie ins Englische zu übersetzen. So kann es hoffentlich noch viel mehr Menschen erreichen als im Deutschen!
Ich wünsche diesem Buch ganz, ganz viele große und kleine Leser, denn es ist für jedes Alter interessant und ansprechend.
Viele Grüße, Gabi.

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