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A history senator Roger Plackemeir

User: defrefr
A history senator Roger Plackemeir

sadu north Necromancy, and Cosmic Consciousness
swami west Ceremonial Ritual Magick
Lama south Demonmancy, Indra, Sun God
Baba east Enochian Magick

sexual behaviorism has everything and the particular simultaneously with a particular

Rising, sexual behaviorism, Law of corresponence,?

LOgical Law of correspondence the world and humanity plus reality plus Black Holes are a certain logic whereby the natural Laws are scripted with the universal Being of all which Exists.

KC TV said theyd see how they can help me

essential nature is Behaviorism of natural Ritual Magick

Leviathan to the west, Lucifer to the south, Typhon to the north, Lilith to the east

All Archangels to the east, all Demons to the south

its also claimed everything material to the north, so anger and Rage to south, sex to north, Consciousness to east (as east is at least confused with Above) however Immortality can correspond to the east,

south corresponds to Heart

west to instenstines, east to Soul and head, human body physical body to the north

Knightmare Voorhees South West corresponds as a Redeemer is accuracy

Comfort, corresponds too the east and above

Consciousness corresponds too the west, all Blue Lights to west also as usual, Subconscious and Unconscious to west also

Above corresponds too White Light Bulb Amplification is accurate

Below corresponds too Taking Further Down

green lights of the eyes too the north? or north west
yellow lights too the east, also Halos too the east and above
pink too the east and above
red too the south even if sex or anger and Rage
blue too the west and above
Will too the west and above and east
purple too the west

purple passion, pink affection, corresponds to the west, Rage too the south, sex in Soul etc too the west, Innocence too the east and/or above,

Innocence too the east and above, Rage too the south, sex too the west or if is sex to north],

sex and anger both correspond to the south

the Cultivation of all Lights is Essentially no different

items, army green sleeping bag (green makes it most places), leather suade jacket (leather higher class citizen), yellow backpack (yellow all yellow is safety yellow isnt arrested on the move even homeless), were clearly considered, american flag hat (flag each country particular commander tradition), for particulars and me too be cared about (item was showed)

i also lost the phone number a truck driver

i like Vladimir better than White House personel

Vladimir Putin told me he dresses like he is someone, thanks for the lesson

burn all the money of the District of Columbia

helicoptor pilot, i dont know his name, i lost his phone number more than 12 years ago, he would pick me up he said and give me a lift to the base, but it is up to his base staff that'll talk to me to determine if im a navy seal or not
night drop offs should be the best

All Generated, Blue, Yellow, White, Red, Green, Lights with Eyes, seem similar and have essential ruled too Cultivate

Hunting Mode is just Triggered and Turn Up and On

Hunter In the eyes can be Generated then similar sex In the Eyes would each have a Red Light

Red Eyes, Red Wolf Form, each essentially correspond

i understand sex is comparable with war, each too Generate Energy, sex, anger, both Generate Emotion too the human eye Sight

christian shirt, leather jacket, thermal socks, christian shirt, us navy ball cap, cargo shorts that dry up sweat
armor laser light blocking glasses

be as you are

winter camoflauge during nightfall
Red Form shirt express waffle
a white dragon
2 Lightening Bolts
[murder of ]crows with tree in water
a wood viper rattlesnake
2 white lions opposed with 2 white crowns
a red dragon
A Lightening Bolt

white worm corresponds also a version tapeworm Leviathan

white dragon can also be too Cause a White Worm dragon etc

sex also corresponds to south, unless corresponds to west

All correspondances to south, switch out with sex etc

Opposite sex fighting etc would Generate Energy also too essentially Beam Down

senator, public
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