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This is the first two chapters of 'Owen'

Introduction : There was something different about the child. There was something different about the people who were close to the child. The older Owen got the stranger the incidents became.

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it was really getting interesting. i really need it

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I think that this can become an excellent book, if formatted a little differently. The fact that Owen has the power of telekinesis is awesome, but you give away way too much of the story-line in the first few pages of the book. It kind of has the tendency to lean towards the saying, "I can already see how this book is going to end." I would however, love to be able to read more just in case I'm absolutely wrong. Keep up the good work.

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There is a warm feeling in the way you tell the story of this little boy that experienced the trauma of seeing his parents killed in a horrific way. Did the shock of it trigger his special insight or did he always have this gift? As some of the others who have read the story have said, some grammatical errors need to be corrected.
All in all I enjoyed reading it. It kept my interest throughout. I liked it very much. You got my vote.


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Creating a fully realized character,Owen,you realized a great book about adoption and children,John,..lovely to read...Mari

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I like the cover a lot. The story is quite a different one. I would like to read more of it. You have my vote.

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I agree with Mr. Cleveland. Starting with the dog scene, then filling in your back story here and there would definitely pull your readers in more. This is an unusual story so it is very interesting to me. Good job. Robynn

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