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Golden Goblet

Book 1 By:
User: kmulla
Golden Goblet
“YOU KILLED THEM, for no reason!” she shouted at Leon vehemently.
“You don’t know them like I do,” his eyes seemed to flare up with red light as he said this, “they, unlike you, deserved to die.” Leon said.
“WHY!” Contessa shouted again, struggling against the invisible force that bound her. Leon looked her in the eye, and what he saw there made him shake his head resolutely.
“I cannot tell you why, you are not ready for the answer,” holding up a finger warning her not to interrupt he continued, “but I will tell you this, all you have known and been told is a lie.” With that he flicked his hand at her and she was conscious long enough to notice that the in visible force that had held her immobile had vanished before she blacked out, only to awaken chained up in a cell.

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Deleted User

please update soon I want to know what happens

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You've woven a fantastic tale full of mystery and wonderful images. You also manage to pull the reader in and keep the interest going throughout. Aside from some spelling mistakes that are easily fixed - I make them all the time, grrr - the story has power and imagination. Very, very impressive! You,er, are going to finish this, right? (Gotta know what happens now!) =)

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I am glad you liked it! I plan on updating it very soon, and when its been updated I will gladly notify all of you .

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Awesome story, wish to read more so please let me know when you've written more!

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