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Werewolf Academy

User: Lolliexx
Werewolf Academy
Madison white is a beautiful badass she-wolf her father is alpha and she'll soon be alpha if she doesn't find her mate before she is 18 she'll lead the pack alone madison have been kicked out of 3 schools in the last 2 years of her life because she is known as a "troublemaker" and a girl who says it like it is she wants to be respected RIP to the people who dare to disrespect her when she was expelled from a 4th school her parents decided to send her to a werewolf school where they think she'll fit in better
Will Madison get into trouble at her 5th highschool?
Madison have no intention what so ever in finding her mate all she wants to do is finish school turn 18 and be a good alpha for her pack
she doesn't want to find her mate and let him be alpha of her pack she believes she's worked too hard her entire life to be a strong leader/fighter. What will happen if she meets oh so hot and popular Tyler McLeod and finds out he is her mate?
bad guy meets bad girl? W
hat will happen when this hot guy is already alpha of his own pack
will she reject him and lead her pack alone?
will she leave her pack and be luna for her mate's pack?
will she ever accept Tyler?
Will they ever find happiness?
And what about their girlfriend and boyfriend??
Oh yeah they are BOTH in a relationships!

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Please tell me there is more to it. I loved it so much.

Important Post

Hi babr.. I know u are busy but i really can't wait for the next chapter. Please, please, pleadr, updated soon.

Important Post

when is the next time u think u will be updating??


Hey Jennifer, I've been super busy with studies and haven't really got any time this last couple of months, but I'm going to start editing the new chapters I wrote and will be posting them soon, I'll also be editing the work that's already up. Thank you for reading (:


ok thanks for telling me and your welcome :)


not to bother u but when do u think u will be posting new chapters??

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