A Mother's Heart

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A Mother's Heart

The Heart Of A Mother



Mothers are our first heros from birth. They did an incredible deed by just that. Keeping us. They could have got rid of us before we were even a person. Before we could even develop. But they didn't. No matter what the situation was at home they chose to keep us. To raise us. To love us. Take care of us.


All through the struggles and dramas that life brings along every single day. So for once let's just say something like this:


Mama,mom, mommy and Mother. I love and respect you. Thank you for everything you've given me.


You gave me so much. Life is the first. And love is the second. Care is the third. So much more follows. Because there is so many things you've done for me. So many.


And I am grateful for everything. Even though sometimes I won't seem it. Sometimes I'll be a burden. I'll scream at you, I'll say a whole lot of things that you won't appreciate because I'm still young. But as time progresses I'll grow.


I want you to know that I love you. My angel. My hero...my superwoman, my everything good in my life.


And I'm not just talking about just biological moms. I'm talking about the one who raised you. The one who had and still has to listen to your whining and complaining. The one who disciplines you everytime you do something wrong but always stands up for you everytime something wrong is being done to you.


That's your mom. A mom who loves and adores you even though you're full of mistakes and you're just a brat sometimes. Your mother.


It doesn't even really have to be female. A mom is someone who has the heart of a mother.






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Book 2

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